Märchen is a surly, loud mouthed Cartomancer with the ability to manipulate the fate of clients through his card readings. Hiddenite is a quiet yet brutally honest drifter in posession of a cloak that grants him access to an ethereal world of snow and nightfall. Despite their radical differences, the two men become unlikely friends and share awkward adventures in a NeoVictorian-esque fantasy world full of mancers, magicians, and common folk alike.  

The Creator and Contributor

Emily B.

Emily is the creator and artist of the series.

Her previous webcomic projects included Alien Drugged and formerly the writer for Gorge.

She has an Associates of Illustration and studied Animation at College for Creative Studies.

Music and comedy is a driving force of inspiration for her, especially from the 80's and 90's. She is quite skilled at looking angry all the time and recalling thrilling tales of retail hell.

She currently lives on the east coast of the U.S.

Yuki S.

Yuki is a major contributor of The Shufflers and Hiddenite's creator.

Yuki helps Emily out with episode scripting, world building, and contributes additional character concepts whenever possible.

Yuki loves a good brew of coffee, cats, manatees, and classical music.

They currently reside in Okinawa, Japan.